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New Age Competencies

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TranscendOrg helps Organizations in

Building Capability by preparing Today, for Tomorrow

New Age Competencies are the abilities, knowledge, skills and traits that are essential for a successful performance in the contemporary, volatile, ambiguous and competitive work environment. Our customized training programs help in contributing towards the sustenance and growth of organizations and inculcate critical managerial competencies to succeed in the work environment – Today & Tomorrow ! 


  • Interactive Activities

  • Brainstorming/Group Discussions

  • Case Study Discussions

  • Use of Management/Personality Tools

  • Role Plays

  • Exercises

  • Projects


TranscendOrg adopts simulation-based training methodologies. Simulation Based Training (SBT) is an effective immersive learning that can  inculcate managerial and even leadership skills. It is based on real-life experiences and other tools/techniques that create a stimulating learning environment. SBT enhances knowledge retention and has a longer lasting impact,  as compared to other forms of conventional learnings.


  • Half / One Day (for each competency)

  • Emotional Intelligence
Recognizing one's own emotions and those of others to effectively handle interpersonal relationships and positively impact organizational goals.  
  • Innovation
The development and application of new ideas to enhance service delivery and business outcomes. Innovation includes the ability to visualize what is needed to manage risks and seize opportunities.
  • Resilience
The ability to adapt and bounce back when things don't go as expected – dealing effectively with disruptions makes one less susceptible to burnout.
  • Developing People
Building the capacity and capability of employees by sharing domain knowledge, mentoring and coaching,  thus enabling their personal growth.
  • Risk Taking Ability
Striving to achieve business objectives in the face of substantial odds through calculated risk taking and an understanding of survivor bias.
  • Service Delivery Focus
Anticipating requirements and delivering high quality services for enhanced customer satisfaction. 
  • Business Acumen
Good knowledge and understanding in planning and executing actions to enhance profitability. 
  • People Handling Skills
Handling and motivating employees to enhance workplace productivity, as well as facilitate their professional and personal growth.
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
Expertise in communication and making impactful presentations that can favorably influence a group of people.
  • Systems Approach
The ability to approach and analyse problems in all their dimensions and solve them with an perspective, based on the understanding that an organization is a set of systems and that actions impact multiple sub-entities.
  • Agility
Identifying and achieving business objectives in an ambiguous and competitive environment through organisation sensing, entrepreneurial alertness and being proactive.
  • Design Thinking
An immersive process to understand markets/customers and create solutions that are technologically feasible and strategically viable. Managers  must  have  integrative  thinking, empathy and optimism.
  • Managing Virtual Teams
The ability to effectively handle dispersed and remote teams to achieve the desired outcomes. Virtual teams leverage resources  across geographies with a razor focus on a value-based and time-sensitive action plan.
  • Managing Diversity
Creating and maintaining an engaged environment by leveraging diverse employee backgrounds and adopting a global mindset. 
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
Using machine intelligence to solve problems and improve operational efficiency.
Shadow on Concrete Wall