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"In a recent study done at the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology, Hubei (China) on the current COVID related medical scenario, researchers found that 50% of nurses and frontline workers felt anxiety and stress in the early stages. There are several ways that employers can help mitigate their stress levels. Implementation of psychological support systems and therapy, along with impactful HR systems, can play a crucial role in alleviating nurses’ stress levels. 

Employers can…

Provide good quality communication and accurate update.
Periodically rotate workers from high-stress to lower-stress functions 
Partner new workers with more experienced colleagues..
Give easy access to support services
Provide continuous online nursing education to enhance COVID-19 patients handling capability
Conduct  programs to sensitise nurses on how the infection can spread unconsciously, such as from keyboards, printers, light switches,door knobs, etc
Reduce shift timings in COVID-19 wards to 4-5 hours
Recognise Post Traumatic Disorder Symptoms and take remedial actions
Provide counsellors, initiate practice of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, recreation when off duty
Instill faith that the organization/hospital is doing all it can to prevent infection, e.g., isolation/disinfectant protocols; good quality/adequate PPEs, etc.
Reinforce positive communication, e.g., good patient stories; statistics about healthcare workers being infected and cured, etc.

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