Transactional Human Resource (HR) refers to core HR functions, which include all the basic processes for good administration of human resources throughout the employment cycle.

They include formulation and implementation of:

  • Organization-wide HR policies

  • Talent acquisition systems

  • Compensation & benefits

  • Job descriptions

  • Employee handbooks

  • Organization & departmental structures

  • Statutory compliances


  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Training

  • Rewards & Recognition

  • Travel & Tours

  • HR Audit

  • Leave Management

  • Manpower Planning

  • Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal of Sexual Harassment

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Wellness Programs


Workplace wellness initiatives are designed to support healthy behaviour and thus improve the health of employees. Most of the frontline service providers, such as nurses, are exposed to occupational health hazards in their line of duty. Therefore, employee wellness programs are imperative, as they lead to healthier and happier employees and, in turn, satisfied customers, thereby promoting organizational productivity. Wellness initiatives are equally important in all sectors.

Being in an optimum physical, mental and emotional state enables an employee to be effective at work. Many organizations understand this and offer their employees a series of benefits and activities that promote health and well-being. A well designed and delivered Employee Wellness Program will lead to motivated employees, qualitative service and in turn the desired outcomes.


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