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Qualitative management of people to meet the objectives of the organization. It includes all types  of interventions i.e. for start-ups and mid/long term companies at the transactional, strategic and transformational levels.

The human resource management of healthcare services assumes significance in the light of increased costs of medical care, vaulting customer expectations, urgent business imperatives, and potentially declining levels of service.


Healthcare organizations require a very high degree of people management so they can meet the key twin objectives of providing qualitative patient services, as well as ensuring the desired profitability. Many studies show that where healthcare organizations are in the top quartile on both employee and clinician engagement, they report better safety and clinical quality outcomes, as well as shorter lengths of stay, fewer re-admissions, and higher patient satisfaction scores.

Human resource (HR) management interventions can broadly be classified under the following areas:

Transactional Human Resource Functions

Transactional human resource functions are core HR functions, including all the basic processes for efficient administration of human resources throughout the employment cycle. They include the implementation of:

  • Organization-wide HR Policies

  • Talent Acquisition Systems

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Organization and Departmental Structures

  • Statutory Compliances

Strategic Human Resources Management


Strategic human resource management refers to the human resource strategy of an organization that closely complements its short and long term business objectives. HR functions as a business partner by integrating HR systems with strategic planning. The key interventions include:

  • Manpower Mapping (Current/New Projects)

  • HR Management Information Systems (MIS)/Analytics

  • Performance Management System

  • Learning & Development Functions

  • Reward & Recognition Systems

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Transformational Interventions

Transformational HR initiatives are activities that drive organization-wide change. They are targeted to meet external competitiveness, as well as develop the right values and culture, to create a committed workforce which is the foundation for building an enduring institution. These initiatives include:


  • Developing a Leadership Pipeline

  • IT based HR Management Systems (HRMS)

  • Culture Audit

  • Competency based Management

  • Visioning

HR systems can be progressively instituted based on the needs of the organization.

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