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Organisational Development

Organisation Development (OD) is  about building capability for the future. It equips people and the organisation to be future ready. OD is also about a planned change.  In the process of conducting their business role, organisations may encounter a myriad of problems to include resistance to change, poor team performance, inter-departmental conflicts and ineffective communication. OD epitomizes deliberate interventions to improve their current state as well to become ready for the future..

TranscendOrg undertakes OD interventions to enhance organizational effectiveness. This intervention can be done in the following manner :


  1. The client organisation has identified the problem as well as the solution, and would like TranscendOrg to implement the solution suggested

  2. The client organisation only describes the symptoms and would like TranscendOrg to diagnose the problem and suggest/implement remedial actions.

  3. The client organisation along with TranscendOrg identifies the problem and closely work together to implement solutions.

Types of OD Interventions


OD interventions can be of many types. Some of them are as follows :


  • Visioning Exercise

  • Delegation/Empowerment Systems

  • Setting up a Learning Organisation

  • Organisation Culture

  • Developing Processes

  • Organisation Structural Changes

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