Strategic Human Resources Management

Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to the human resource strategy of an organization that closely complements its short/long term business objectives. HR functions as a business partner by integrating HR systems with strategic planning.


  • Manpower Mapping (Current/New Projects)

  • HR MIS/Analytics

  • Performance Management System

  • L & D Functions

  • Reward & Recognition Systems

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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HR analytics is a method of analyzing workplace data and taking informed managerial decisions about the workforce. Being able to study past data, and make predictions for the future, enables better decision making.


HR data is probably the most important aspect in HRM as it ultimately leads to greater employee engagement and enhanced productivity. Intelligent HR is data driven HR. It makes HR accountable for what they ‘deliver,’ rather than simply what they ‘do’. It can be linked to business outcomes.


Even softer organizational elements – such as culture and values – can be converted into measurements so that they can be monitored and improved over the long term.


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