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Building Institutions Through Transformational People Practices

TranscendOrg is a premier organization, whose objective is to guide institutions to establish futuristic and impactful HR systems, enabling them to achieve their desired objectives through good people practices. TranscendOrg offers the complete range of Human Resource Management (HRM) interventions. HRM involves implementing programs for organizational development, while ensuring the engagement and growth of individuals.

Our USPs
  • Highly Experienced in HRM Systems Across Sectors

  • Comprehensive Menu of Interventions

  • Co-created and Customized Initiatives

  • Institutionalized Documentation for Scale

  • Tangible & Measurable Impact

Range of Interventions

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Transactional Human Resource (HR) refers to core HR functions, which include all the basic processes for good administration of human resources throughout the employment cycle.

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Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to the human resource strategy of an organization that closely complements its short/long term business objectives.

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Transformational HR initiatives are activities that drive organisation-wide change. They are targeted to meet external competitiveness as well as to develop the right values and culture.

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Learning & Development

HR Learning and Development is mainly related to customized training initiatives that strengthen the competencies which employees should have in order to be effective.

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Clinician engagement systems enhance the commitment of clinicians towards the organization, and motivate them to participate in the larger institutionalized system of patient care.

Customization &

TranscendOrg works on the ethos of co-creating HRM solutions with client organizations. Co-creation is a value-based, context-driven and a collaborative effort to develop solutions that will have the desired outcome. It builds on a perception of organizational challenges, cause-effect relationships, constraints as well as alternatives available either to overcome problem situations or to improve existing practices.

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Col Rajgopal worked closely with our staff to set up the desired people practices. His expertise in instituting forward looking processes, in our purpose driven social enterprise, helped establish the right academic environment, enabling us to cohesively focus on realizing our Vision.

Mr Ravi Sreedharan
Founder, Indian School of Development Management, Noida

About Col. Rajgopal

Colonel M Rajgopal (retd) is the Founder of TranscendOrg, which provides consultancy services for private and governmental organizations. In the past some of these organizations included Dubai Health Authorities, Dept of Health, Govt of Kerala, India, Indian School of Development Management, Access Health International and SLG Hospitals , Hyderabad.

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