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Managing Oneself : A Physicians Diary for making a Difference - IV - Collaborative Relationships

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

It is almost impossible to achieve the desired outcomes by oneself. Most doctors have to work with others effectively. Managing oneself well requires taking on the responsibility for building relationships as well. The first aspect of an effective relationship is to understand that other people are as much individuals as one is and in order to work with them one should understand this and make use of the capabilities of others. The second aspect of the relationship is taking responsibility for seamless communication so that it can have impact across the panorama of service providers.

To build strong teams that deliver their best, the real investment would be in people—nurses, doctors, housekeeping and support staff, and multi-specialty experts—who are the backbone of healthcare delivery systems. The sense of belonging and shared income (not only material gains but also fame and recognition) go a long way in building robust teams. Today, this mentoring and sharing needs to be broadly inclusive, involving the wider healthcare delivery system, not doctors alone, but all the unsung heroes across the spectrum.

“It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be.”
- Sanhita Baruah

In terms of skillset, doctors must learn management skills. The COVID healthcare crisis showed us that doctors alone cannot change the face of healthcare delivery; it needs to extend beyond borders, involving a liberal sharing of best practices. Advanced technology and innovative solutions need to be brought forth via collaboration. Investment models are to be designed in a manner such that they look at low cost, healthy and sustainable profitability in areas like healthcare and education.

Collaboration across primary, secondary and tertiary care, including community hospitals, telemedicine and home care will bring about enduring long-term changes, even if they appear difficult to measure now. Borrowing on the concept of game theory, the infinite game of medicine cannot be expected to yield returns overnight. It is about building sustainable systems for future generations, and not simply quantitative gains. It is about a cooperative model—a group of like-minded people—willing to be the change.

In the present day world of unlimited opportunity, it is important for doctors to carve out their place in society. In order to do so it will be important for them to cultivate a deep understanding of themselves and operate on the basis of that knowledge and wisdom, so as to make a lasting impact on people, in their life time.

TranscendOrg has been continuously working with healthcare organizations especially hospitals to bring customized programs for medical professionals. These programs have been designed keeping in view the holistic view of the eco system around the medical professionals i.e. sensitizing them on the aspects like Managing oneself, healthcare finance, service leadership to name a few. Such initiatives, not only act as a catalyst for bringing in a mindset change but also helps the medical professionals to reflect on their way forward and thus helping the overall goal of patient care.  

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