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Service Delivery : An Over-Arching Passion

With the global economies reinventing themselves at a record speed, we need to be prepared for the type of service demands that we are likely to face. We need to keep up our promises to the customer and not allow inefficiency in methods to frustrate our ability to deliver good service. With ‘service’ being so much a part of our daily lives, both inside and outside the workplace, we should really being doing much better. So, can we elevate ourselves and rise above yesterday?

What should be the architecture for building a service culture ? How can service delivery be a transformational as well as a sustainable competitive advantage ? Can it serve to uplift the entire organization? How can one build a client base of raving customers ?

Indeed, there are many facets to successful service delivery. From a service vision to a common service language, appropriate communication, service recognition & rewards, measures & metrics, client facing processes, bench marking & role modelling – all are important for high quality service. Sometimes organizations tend to fix service delivery through compartmentalized and transactional efforts without adopting a wholistic systems approach. Such attempts can be frustrating and counter-productive, leading to a shortfall in outcomes.

Service is about taking action to create value for someone else. The other upside of service is that it enriches relationships, improves networks, contributes and leads to employee commitment and satisfaction. It is intensely rewarding in many ways.

Service leadership is another important component of successful service delivery. It is a trait that inspires others to greater service. ‘Service leadership’ has evolved from the term ‘Servant Leadership’, a concept that Robert Greenleaf propounded in his essay in 1970. This is different from traditional leadership, where the leader's main focus is the success of their enterprise. A servant leader shares power, puts the needs of the employees first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. Servant leadership makes the customer service associates as its main priority.

Service delivery is more than simply acquiring market share or even a business philosophy. In successful organizations, it a part of their DNA and the very foundation on which every operating process is built. It is mirrored in organizational behavior and value systems. It entails a sincere devotion to service. Such organizations demonstrate an overarching passion to make a difference to other peoples lives.

In the words of Nobel Prize Winner, Albert Schweitzer, ‘ I don’t know what your destiny will be, but this I know : the only ones amongst you who will be truly happy are those who have sought and found a way to serve’

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