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UNNATI – A Signature Leadership Development Initiative

Till recently, healthcare organizations clung to the belief that it was adequate to have competent and expert physicians. However, in the contemporary environment, it is increasingly clear that managerial competency and other factors such as effective patient-oriented processes are needed to succeed over the long term. The development of talented human capital, especially in leadership skills, has become an imperative. We are in an era in which the demand for leadership capabilities greatly exceeds supply and, in most organizations, many people who are leading teams lack the basic managerial skills required for success. It is vital to develop adequate leadership bandwidth for sustenance, growth and to meet the standards of qualitative services, as well as business objectives. Leadership development is integral to organizational strategy and is not a human resource function. We need effective leaders at every level and every location.

UNNATI is a unique leadership development program, conceptualized and delivered by TranscendOrg, wherein participants receive training on various facets of leadership and managerial functions. The training is held as 2-3 day programs, at intervals of 2-3 months, over a period of one year. Along with classroom instructions, participants are assigned management and community projects. They also undergo individual coaching sessions under the guidance of certified coaches. The objective of UNNATI is to develop managerial effectiveness and leadership skills in people with good potential, to enable them to grow, thus increasing the organizational bandwidth to achieve operational and business objectives.

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